Box Art

by | Dec 8, 2021

Creativity is just around the corner.

Bismarck BoxArt Project

Arts and culture are part of the economic development package that builds prosperous communities.

In 2013, Dakota West Arts Council (DWAC) and the City of Bismarck began a partnership to transform metal traffic utility boxes throughout the city into canvases for public art. Called Bismarck BoxArt, the project was designed as a way to enhance North Dakota’s capital city. Bismarck BoxArt features high-resolution images of paintings, and photographs by local and regional artists transferred to a unique 3-M adhesive product and then wrapped on traffic signal utility boxes in downtown Bismarck. The overall theme is “Reflections of North Dakota.”


There were initially 14 traffic utility boxes covered with art in Downtown Bismarck.

​Meet Our Artists

Cris Fulton, Bowman

Ric Sprynczynatyk, Bismarck

Paul Noot, Bismarck

Lydia Richez-Bowman, Bismarck

Angie Swiec Kambeitz, Bismarck

Frank Koch, Bismarck

Wayne Pruse, Bismarck

Dakota Noot

Shane Balkowitsch, Bismarck

Shane Vasbinder, Bismarck

DeAnne Billings, Bismarck for Northern Plains Dance