Art Alley 5.5

by | Dec 8, 2021

Art Alley 5.5 in Downtown Bismarck

A public art gallery showcasing the power of the arts to enliven alley space in our community.

Alley 5.5 is located on 5th Street halfway between ​Broadway and Main Avenues.

Reflections of North Dakota

The Art Alley 5.5 project is the result of a unique partnership between Dakota West Arts Council and six participants of the 2016 Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program (Alley5.5 Team, Left to Right: Brandon Roerich Ben Houdek, Eileen Walsh (DWAC), Peter Pomonis, Eric Holmstrom, Mallory Sand, and Roxi Pfliiger).

The Alley 5.5 Team first went to the mayor, then the city commission, then the parking authority and finally the police department to get the official endorsement for the outdoor alley gallery. All were very supportive. A Call for Artists to submit samples for murals using the theme, “Reflections of North Dakota” was put forth to the public. We are the Capital City after all!

48 entries were received. Dakota West Arts Council’s Community Selection Committee picked 22 entries (23 with the logo mural) for the alley located between Broadway and Main Avenues on 5th Street. The Alley5.5 Team raised close to $25,000 through sponsors and community donations to pay the artists and help with the purchase of supplies. The rest is history in the Capital City!

The Artists

  • Erika Gallaway
  • Mitch Sander
  • Nicole Gagner
  • Andrea Ficek
  • Michael Renner
  • Grant Hicks
  • Bailey White
  • Paul Noot
  • Bismarck High School
  • Melissa Gordon
  • Molly McLain
  • Whitney Nielsen
  • Elizabeth White
  • Anne Dramko
  • Kim Olson
  • Mahalia Mees
  • Maddie Hanson
  • Bryan Kroh
  • Claire Wiseman
  • Angela Hruby
  • Dennis Houle

With Gratitude To The Alley 5.5 Sponsors: